In spite of general consumerism slowing down, the rise and rise of fruit juice is incontestable. Today, pasteurised fruit juice is now the most dynamic part of the fresh section in large retail.
However, the section of non-pasteurised juice is undergoing a timid yet promising movement. One observes generally a real trend towards anything linked to well-being, notably health food.
These juices, having had no preservative treatment nor containing any additives nor preservatives, correspond exactly to the needs of consumers that are more and more worried about their well-being and healthy lifestyle. Beyond the taste of the juice, they're looking for more nutritional and vitamin information. For example, it has been proved that pomegranate juice is extremely rich in antioxidants, with numerous benefits such as anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and cardio-vascular prevention.

In order to respond to this market need, we are creating in the heart of the Rungis market our own artisanal juice production unit.

Our structure guarantees you:

  • a short circuit production, a sign of quality
  • traceability on all products
  • regular control of pesticides carried out by a certified laboratory
  • total transparency on what we put in our bottles
  • the possibility of creating tailor-made recipes

JUICE FACTORY is setting up at the beginning of 2017, don't hesitate to contact us for more information.